The Story of Our Stained Glass Windows

Memorial Alcove Stained Glass Windows

It was a dream come true on Friday, Dec. 2, 2022 at Temple Bat Yam when the Memorial Alcove Stained Glass windows were unveiled for the first time.  The beautiful windows were donated by Bette Bohlmann and Stu Smolins. The theme of the windows in honor of Pamela Smolins is REMEMBER in Hebrew Zkor. The theme was a collaboration of ideas given to Rina Thaler, who designed them and Timeless Tiffany who crafted them. It truly was a historic night. The Memorial Alcove windows were never completed due to illness. The dream to complete the windows is now complete!

Sanctuary Stained Glass Windows

The original stained glass project was started by Pam and Stu Smolins some 25 years ago.  The theme of these beautiful windows was suggested by our Founding Rabbi, Richard Sternberger who was influenced by the writings of Franz Rosenzweig, and his Three Pillars of Judaism … Creation, Revelation, Redemption.


Pam Smolins took classes in stained glass before creating and designing the 6,000 pieces of glass it took to complete this six-year project. She learned how to measure and cut various colored glass pieces to create the scenes, designed by Walden,  Levy and Goldsmith. The design were influenced by Pam’s skill to fit and tell their story in the eleven windows in our Sanctuary.

Bette Bohlmann & Stu Smolins