Grayce Cohen

I was asked, recently, what had led us, my late husband and me, to decide to make Ocean City our home. My immediate response was “the ocean”, and then I stopped short. Even as the words reached my ears, I knew that my answer had been far too glib and thoughtless. While living on the water was a strong factor in our decision, surely there had to have been a more profound reason for our conclusion.

After a moment of reflection, I realized that my answer should have been “Temple Bat Yam”. While we loved spending spare time and “breaks” next to the sea, while we adored hosting friends in our high rise condo, this shore town was NOT home. I have always believed that fate was on our side as we happened to be around when someone put the tiny ad, in a local paper, which asked “How would you like to spend High Holy Days on the Beach.” The rest is our history with this precious place.

Bat Yam has grown to be a vibrant Jewish presence in an area that had recognized no Jews. Bat Yam has become the extended family we all need. Bat Yam is here to rejoice when rejoicing is appropriate, and to comfort when open arms are what’s needed… Bat Yam is what has made the Eastern Shore of Maryland the HOME of my Heart.   Grayce Cohen